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Boudoir Session Guide

Prepare to have a great time at your boudoir session! I will guide you through all of the posing and my main goals are to make sure you're comfortable and that you have a great time! 

What to wear:

If this is your first time doing a boudoir session, you may, of course, be nervous! You may not be used to prancing around in your underwear but I'm here to tell you, it's encouraged! First and foremost, wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Play up the favorite parts of you. Here are some ideas:

*Your significant other's shirt

*A sexy bra and underwear combo

* Your favorite sassy PJ's

*Crop top and underwear

*Tight t-shirt and underwear

*Lingerie in your favorite color

*A piece of racy lingerie!

*Topless with cute underwear

Some of the best sites I've seen for lingerie have been Amazon, ASOS, Victoria's Secret and Venus. 

Session tips:

*Wear loose fitting clothing right before the session to avoid those dents in the skin you can get from bras and underwear

*If you have been tanning, stop at least 2 days before the session. I  do *not* recommend a spray tan! 

*Have your nails or toes done in neutral colors/jewel tones

*Come to the session with a clean, makup-less face and clean, dry hair

*Make it your own- bring any props or accessories you'd like in the photos (jewelry, shoes, etc)! 


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