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Having a list of shots will help make family photos run smoothly and efficiently. Be sure to let the people on your list know that they'll be needed for photos. 


Family Photos List:  a place to start 

Bride/groom with brides parents 

Bride/groom with brides parents + siblings

Bride/groom with brides parents + siblings + significant others/kids

Bride w/bride’s parents

Bride w/mom

Bride w/father

Bride w/siblings

Bride/groom w/Bride’s siblings

Bride/groom w/Bride’s grandparents

Bride/groom w/Bride’s godparents

Bride w/Bride’s grandparents

Bride/groom with grooms parents

Bride/groom with grooms parents + siblings 

Bride/groom with groom’s parents + siblings + significant others/kids

Groom w/grooms’s parents

Groom w/mom

Groom w/dad

Groom w/siblings 

Bride/grooms w/Groom’s siblings

Bride/grooms w/Bride’s grandparents

Bride/grooms w/Groom’s godparents

Groom w/Groom’s grandparents

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