So, you've brought baby home, you are settled in, talked to me (Casandra) and setup your session and now it's the day-of.
Here are a few tips and tricks on how to make you and your baby comfortable for the session!

I do a combination of solo photos of the babe plus family lifestyle photos. Try and dress in neutral colors so the focus is on you and your baby!


It's always a good idea to turn the heat up a few degrees, so it's more comfortable for the baby (they like nice and toasty places!). 


To make sure baby is nice and sleepy,  it's best to keep them up for a little bit before the session (if possible). This is a good time to play with their little feet, make funny faces and plant kisses all over! After this, it's a good idea to feed them right before the session- around 20-30 minutes before I would arrive. Then...milk coma! 

I'm so excited to meet your little one!