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Getting ready for your session

Yay! It's time for your photo session! Now, you may have never had pro photos taken or maybe you have. But my goal is to make this a fun, relaxing experience. The tips below will allow you to have the best possible session. Remember, no single session is perfect, and it doesn't have to be! As long as you're having fun, that's all that matters.  ​My sessions consist of mainly candid moments and interacting. I  like to shoot a number of different things, like mom and dad together, kids together, parents with each kid​​​. You'll of course get those shots of everyone looking but I'm really looking for connections with family members. 

What do I wear?

Do you need some help determining outfits and coordinating? 

Visit my style guide here

The big takeaways:


*Coordinate, don't match!

* Neutrals with pops of color photograph well

*Don't be afraid of patterns

*No neons, please!

*Be sure to remove hair ties, watches, rubber wrist bands or anything else you wouldn't want to show up in photos


Get in close

My favorite pictures are the ones where you can feel the love. It's all about feeling the connection between people in the pictures. And remember, not everyone has to be looking at the camera at the same time. As long as you're together and showing each other love, that's alright with me. 

Have fun!

This is really the most important part about the photo sessions. Let loose a little bit because a little fun and laughter really brings out your personalities and makes for some awesome pictures. 


If you have little kids in the photo, let them play and be themselves! Telling them to "say cheese for the lady!" isn't the best way to capture those cute little smiles and giggles! 


Don't be afraid to play with your children; show me how you interact at home and in real life- toss them in air (a great job for Dad!), tickle them or give them relentless kisses!  Interacting with the kids and coaxing those smiles out naturally will make for the best photos and will allow them to be genuinely happy.


So relax, goof-off a bit and let yourself have a good time!

Some final words of wisdom...

*Give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Rushing to the session will most likely result in a rushed feeling during the session!

*Make sure your kiddos (and you) are well-rested. Avoid scheduling your session around naptime or bedtime. And if they are cranky, we will make the best of it. It's best to just let kids be kids and not force them into something they don't want to do! Letting them play around will be more fun for them and less stressful for you! 

*Don't come hungry! This could make for some cranky adults; or worse...cranky toddlers...

*If you do have children, consider bringing a favorite toy or even a small snack to keep them happy and full!

*Last but not least...remember that I'm an everyday person that takes pictures of everyday people :)

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