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I know you're busy planning and prepping for your big day and we're so excited to be a part of your wedding team. My goal is to make sure you have the best possible experience with us. That's why I want to share our tips on prep and timeline so you make the most out of the day you say, "I do"!


Getting ready before the ceremony


There's something magical to us about caputuring the excitement before a couples' wedding ceremony. 

I  like to arrive a little bit early to be there while you ladies and gents are doing your finishing touches (about 30 minutes before the wedding dress is put on!). 

I like to get a lot of details, so we may borrow your dress, shoes and accessories before you put them on .

We really want you to go about your day...just pretend we're not there!

If time does allow, I can also take photos of the bridesmaids and groomsmen outside of the venue for some fun photos! I'm all about working around your day, so when you'd like the photos done is up to you!


Post Ceremony:

Family Photos


Once your ceremony has taken place and you're married (yay!) it's time for some photos. A good rule of thumb if you are planning on doing family photos is to allow for about 20-40 minutes of picture time. 

One tip I've found that works fantastically is to create a list of who you want in the photos, let those family members know ahead of time and finally hand the list over to someone (usually with a loud voice) on the wedding day.  They can help wrangle your family members and keep the flow going!


The first look: yes or no?


Another decision you have had to make during the wedding planning process is do you want your fiance to see you before the ceremony? 


If you'd like to see eachother for the first time while walking down the aisle, we can make sure that you won't run into each other before hand.


If you do want to have a "first look", we can arrange a quiet spot in the venue where the two of you can share a moment (and we can snap a photo, of course) without any distractions. 



Post Ceremony:

Bridal Party Photos


Couple Photos

Bridal party photos are fun, let's be honest. You have a core group of your closest siblings/friends to celebrate with you and you all look dolled-up and amazing!

For group photos, I take both the bridesmaids and groomsmen separately for photos. Then we'll all meet back and bring everyone together. Just have fun, goof-off, and let loose. Those make the best pictures!





Some of the most important photos are going to be of just you and your new spouse. It's important to take this time to slow down from the craziness that is your wedding day and relish in the moment that you're now married.


Once we send the bridal party away to continue their shenanigans, we take just the two of you and work some photo magic. We do a lot of candids along with you looking at the camera. I    want you to really enjoy these moments with each other and showcase your relationship. That just means we want you and your new spouse to really take a moment and relish in the fact that you're now married! Goof off, give each other a kiss if you want, and be yourselves!


If time allows, we like to sneak out at sunset for a few more snapshots of the two of you. These are my favorite shots! If you're interested in doing something like this, just let me know!


One thing to note about group photos and couple photos is that we do most of them outdoors; we can help you decide on location and also figure out options if it happens to rain! 



Ideally, about 1-2 hours for all photos (family, bridal party and couple photos) would be great. However, if it is not possible, we can definitely work around your schedule!


Time to party!

The ceremony is done. Photos are done. Now it's time to get back with your guests and boogie!


I   like to be there for the first dances, the embarassing speeches and watching grandma get her groove on. 


It's not often you get all of the people you love in one location. So dance your socks off and we'll make sure we get it on camera. 

I don't like to put timeframes on your wedding day. I'll be there until I feel I've captured everything I wanted to...and let's be honest, you really don't need 20 photos of tipsy Uncle Frank doing the Worm. 


Enjoy the rest of your night and I'll have the photos back to you in about 4-6 few weeks. I like to be efficient and prompt so you can flood your social media and picture frames with how good you look. 



I'm honored to be a part of your day and I can't wait to celebrate with you! Cheers!

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